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Got a sign for my room. Couldn’t think of what else to write.

In six weeks I will be finished university.

It almost feels like my first life achievement, which is ridiculous. I’ve done stuff. Plenty of stuff.

But shit, this is the only thing I’ve fought really hard for. There were many times when I wanted to up and leave but I am glad I didn’t.

I would certainly not be where I am now if I had. Already working in the industry for a very reputable company before I’ve graduated, doing something I genuinely care about is something I am really proud of. I don’t even care if that sounds lame… I’ll fight you about it.

It’s been a really long four years and while I am so happy it’s over soon I’m going to do my best to savour these last few weeks.

Today I moved house. That’s the eighth time I’ve had to do that and it made me realize, that on average I’ve never spent more than three years living in the same place.

Got me thinking about how my degree is the only thing I’ve spent more than three years on. Including relationships and jobs.

In other news I got a cactus and he’s heaps cute…

"Take your medicine and I won’t ask where you’ve been. Live your lost weekend, I know you’ve wanted it. Get big, little kid" - Okkervil River

Made an art. Based off some Okkervil River lyrics.
Today I went to uni. I turned up really early and ate a sandwich. Then I just sat in the sun for about two hours and drew stuff. So basically I am so happy today.

Sharp as a tack but in the sense that you’re not smart, just a prick

Modern Baseball - The Old Gospel Choir

Got shiny pens!

Made a thing.
Probably spent a little too long writing my name in my new book. Probably not though.
Little fox tonight.